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Albany Light Truck & Car Repair Knows Your Light and Medium Trucks!

Is your Dealer Out of the New Truck Business? There is a shakeup in the new vehicle Truck Market in the Capital District. Albany Dodge is now Destination Nissan, and Gendron's Truck is no longer a New Vehicle Dealer, and Local Businesses are looking for reliable shop that they can trust.

Albany Light Truck & Car Repair is one of the Largest Independent Service Providers in the Capital District. We Service More Fleets than just about anyone local. We accept all Major Fleet Cards for Payment. Many of the Fleets we service have several makes of vehicles. We Service & Repair Most Light & Medium Trucks.

Fleets love that they bring their Ford Truck, GMC Truck, Chevy Truck, RAM Truck, Isuzu Medium Truck, Sprinter, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & others to one shop they trust. We not only work on your Truck but we also Service and Repair your Special Equipment. Plows, Dump Bodies, Lift Gates and even Generators are just some of the equipment we Service and Repair.

How can we be experienced in all different Makes and Models?

First, we employ the brightest employees that are passionate about working on your vehicles. Before your vehicle is out of warranty, we will have the training, experience and resources needed to Service, and Repair Your Vehicle Correctly.

Second, our Management Team is dedicated to gaining and keeping your trust. They strive to understand the customer's needs and coordinate Technicians, Parts, and anything of the many other items needed to complete the job with customer's complete satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction comes only after we know what it takes to satisfy them.

Diesel Engines have changed dramatically since the early 2000 when the Emission Requirements forced the manufactures to re-design their simple, bulletproof Diesel Engines into highly technically complex engines. We think the new Diesel Engines are absolutely incredible. They are more powerful, less noisy, and run a much cleaner than the older diesels they replaced. Diesel Engines can also be incredibly difficult to diagnose and repair correctly. Thanks to our experienced Service Managers and Technicians, we can provide our customers with reliable diesel service and repairs that are an improvement over the original design. Time and experience has taught us many lessons servicing diesels.

To help keep your diesels running properly, we made a short list of items you should be aware of.

Generally, Duramax, Cummins, Isuzu, Fuso, and Sprinter have proved to be a reliable and durable platforms. They all have their own set of common problems but minimal compared to the Ford Power Stroke 6.0L. We will give a more in depth list of things you should be aware of if you have the Ford Power Stroke. Mostly because there are many more Fords Power Strokes on the road and their Diesels Engines had design flaws when the 6.0L replaced the bulletproof 7.3L in 2003.


6.7L 2011 to present, was designed in house by Ford and has proved, on a large scale, to be a relatively reliable and durable platform.

6.7L TIPS: We recommend keeping strictly to the maintenance schedule. The only problems we have seen were due to poor maintenance. * See picture of the 6.7 Liter Diesel we replaced because of poor maintenance (not covered under Ford Warranty. The Fleet Management Company Recommended us to replace it because better pricing and they trusted us to do the repair correctly).

6.4L 2008-2010, Designed by International Navistar. The 6.4L Power Stroke was introduced for the 2008 model year. Strict emissions regulations and the overall questionable reliability of the 6.0L were the primary factors that presented a need for a new engine design. So far, we think that they are performing reliably when maintained properly. Poor fuel mileage is one of the complaints we hear. I believe Ford has to pay the government a penalty for every vehicle they sold because they don't meet emission requirements. This was the first Power Stroke to use a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in order to nearly eliminate particulate emissions (soot). The new DPS and active regeneration system greatly hindered the engine's fuel economy capability, and increase the amount of heat the engine generates. This excessive heat can damage turbo chargers.

6.4L TIPS: Complete maintenance on time. Check oil level every fill up. Fuel can sneak by Piston Rings and dilute the oil. You will see oil level over full if the oil is being contaminated with fuel. Complete oil changes every 5000 miles, not the 10,000 miles recommended by Ford. Keep your Cooling System clean by Flushing Cooling System and replacing Coolant Cap and Thermostat at that time. High Performance Modifications are available to deal with the DPF becoming restricted and burning excessive fuel in the regeneration process which causes the fuel to leak past rings, and eliminate excessive heat in the engines.

6.0L 2003-2008 (2010 in Vans). There are so many problems with the early year's production of the 6.0L that it tarnished the Ford Truck name. Design Flaws, Poorly trained Technicians, and just the sheer quantity of failures gave this engine a bad rep. Hundreds of "Fixes" have been made to redesign this engine. The later models are said to be more reliable than the bullet proof 7.3L it replaced. Through the years, we have become quite experienced with the 6.0L Diesels and we are experienced making them reliable and keeping them as such. We have seen enough Blown Head Gaskets, Leaking EGR Coolers Leaking and Fuel Problems to know what it takes to fix them and keep them on the road, safe and reliable.

6.0L TIPS: Timely Maintenance! Cooling Systems not cooling properly overtax the already failure prone Blown Head Gaskets. Routine Flushes, Coolant Caps, and Thermostats are cheap insurance. Clogged radiators not only hurt engines but transmissions as well. Fuel Filters are cheap insurance from damaging the injectors. Do it every Fall and Spring or more under severe use. You will blow the Head Gaskets. Newly designed head gaskets, Head Studs instead of bolts, and sealer keep this from happening again and keep your truck on the road, safe and reliable.


  • AAA Approved Auto Repair
  • ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)
  • Jasper
  • NAPA
  • Amsoil
  • Draw-Tite Hitches
  • Interstate Batteries
  • Mopar
  • Motorcraft
  • Snow Dogg Plows
  • Cooper Tires
  • Ford diesel
  • Car Care Aware


  • Well informed of all repairs needed and estimated costs. Always very friendly and courteous over the phone and over the counter upon pick up or delivery. Quality of work is excellent!
    -Sally D.

  • I liked that you got me in and out. you guys are truly a blessing to so many people. MOSTLY YOU ARE HONEST
    -David B.

  • All of the employees of Albany Light Truck are very kind and helpful. I feel like my best interest is theirs as well. As far as improved...I would like to see a special sitting room for myself and my family, with possible day care and after school care as an option.
    -William C.

  • The team at Albany Light Truck truly follows the age-old model of customer first. They continue to earn my trust.
    -Ken C.

  • I am thankful for someone I can trust.
    -Dan H.

  • Prompt and courteous service!
    -Greg B.

  • Excellent work place I can trust with my truck. Thank you!
    -David W.

  • Efficient and honest!
    -John C.

  • Vinny is very customer-service oriented. This is my first visit but I will be back and tell my friend of speedy service and caring staff.
    -Bobbie E.

  • Courteous
    -Joyce W.

  • Your kindness and honest, being very helpful by explaining your work very well. Help customers understand.
    -Julie P.

  • You do everything!
    -Stuart M.

  • I always appreciate the courteous service provided.
    -Joanna P.

  • The employees are always polite and friendly
    -Michael K

  • Professionalism and trustworthiness are attributes that are very hard to find these days. when you do you stick with them....would not go anywhere else
    -Donald K

  • Very professional atmosphere
    -Eddie S

  • Staff is very friendly and helpful
    -Christine I

  • Honest and friendly service. Always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Like everything!
    -Timothy C

  • Service people, Never once had to return because of the same problem
    -Ann D

  • Honest, Close to work
    -Christopher S

  • Honest assessments of repairs needed, friendly atmosphere, professional workmanship
    -Paul K

  • I have been coming to Albany Lite Truck for years and they have always been honest and get me in and out. I think they also take the time to explain what is going on to their customers and they don't push repairs that are not neccesary
    -Thomas C

  • The guys at Albany Light Truck are always so helpful and thorough. I trust them with our family vehicles
    -Kenneth C

  • Constant communication and explanation of work and services. Excellent customer service.
    -Tim K.

  • Easy access.
    -Paul C.

  • Honest. I feel like I can trust you.
    -Mary G.

  • Convenient location, Professional, Friendly, Trustworthy.
    -Robert B.

  • Service is great.
    -Elaine K.

  • The staff always take the time to discuss problems with the customer.
    -Minnie C.

  • Feel like I am a very important customer wouldn't change a thing.
    -Amanda P.

  • Convenient. Good people.
    -Tim E.

  • The staff is always kind, courteous, and honest. Even when I'm sitting in the waiting area and hear them being normal humans with other, they are just genuinely good people. The guys (and apparently gal now) you have working the desk make me feel at ease in a place where I'm at their mercy - going to the mechanic isn't daunting there. And though I know nothing about cars, I trust your mechanics implicitly. It doesn't feel like a business, it is more like I'm paying a friend to look at my car for me.
    -Rich W.

  • Fast, quality service.
    -David S.

  • I like being able to discuss my car with Vinnie and Brian, because they are honest and know so much. I feel so comfortable leaving my car with you because I get the best service for it that I have ever had. I honestly don't think there is anything with car repairs that could be improved. Great service!!!!
    -Larry R.

  • I like that you stay open later now. I can finish my work day and still get my car serviced. I appreciate all the times you have given me rides to work. I like that Vinny or Brain will call and let me know what needs to be fixed, give me a estimated estimate. I like that you fix the problem the first time and I don't have to come back over and over again. I like that I can trust my car to your service techs.
    -Rita P.

  • Friendly, efficient service. Everything thoroughly explained.
    -Dan R.

  • Very opened communication with knowledgeable folks who provided me with options of solutions and not just a list of problems. Took their time to have my best interest in mind and keep me informed of any concerns they found. only thing I would of liked improved would of been more advertising it took me having a clutch issue to find such a good shop, wish I found/heard of you all sooner.
    -Tim K.